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Stone Age

 STONE AGE school

We’re like a walking museum but we’ve removed the glass from the cabinets. Smell, touch and taste the Stone Age with a ‘real’ caveperson.


Experience the Stone Age first hand learning the skills and crafts of our ancestors in our woods or in your classroom. Get up close and personal with furs and skins, flint and obsidian tools, pottery and rawhide baskets. Hold the tools that our ancestors used to shape our future.

Experience the Stone Age first hand learning the skills and crafts of our ancestors with a session in our woods or even in your school classroom.

Outback2basics pre-historic sessions bring the Stone Age alive! Start the day with a fun, educational and interactive timeline delivered by Caveman Dan or Neolithic Naomi dressed in authentic Stone Age buckskins and furs!

The children will get to dress up, pass around the crafts and tools of our ancestors, even eat edible bugs if you’re brave enough!
We have Stone Age resources like no other!
Real rawhide naturally painted pouches, handmade flint tools, carefully crafted obsidian blades, tanned hides and furs, precious pottery pots, bark baskets and woven containers, bone fish hooks, horse hair cordage, fishing spears, bows, arrows and more.

Choose from our list of activities to continue the day with a hands-on workshop. Make stone tools, create cave art or spark the imagination with fat lamp making and more.
We have lived in the wild learning these skills for real as primitive adventurers and want to share our wild stories with you!

Thank you again for an inspirational day!


Adam Copsey –
Lightmoor Village school

Stone Age day

Bring the subject alive with an interactive, educational and fun history lesson.


 Did you know in some parts of the world the stone age only ended about 80 gret grand parents ago!?

Stone Age Workshop Kit List

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“A huge thank you for today which was nothing short of exceptional. All the children were absolutely full of it when we arrived back at school and couldn't wait to tell their parents all about the incredible day. The aura that the children experienced today is something I imagine will stick with them forever. Dan was amazing, witty and a real ambassador for 'the outdoors' which I hope will encourage the children to go out more in the future!

A Caveperson in your school?

We can travel out to your school and bring the Stone Age to you with a caveperson in your classroom!