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Adventure Team building day for schools, kids and teens

Embark on an extraordinary ‘Adventure Team-building day’ in our enchanting woodlands! 

Say goodbye to the classroom, to screens and modern distractions and say hello to an energising environment that sparks creativity, builds teamwork, and nurtures essential life skills.

What's in Store for Your Kids:

Start the day with a warm welcome by the fire

Engage in games and enjoy fireside tea breaks for relaxation and bonding.

Choose 3 exciting activities guided by expert Bushcraft and primitive skills mentors

Conclude the day with a peaceful 'sit spot' in the serene woodlands

 Engaging Activities to Choose From:

  • One-match fire-lighting challenge
  • 'Tarpology' shelter replication
  • Cooking challenge (optional, additional cost)
  • Tool challenge - Spear/Arrow construction
  • Wild food challenge (seasonal)
  • Bread challenge
  • Wilderness first aid
  • Survival challenge
  • Water collection and purification
  • Natural shelter challenge

Transform your kids’ or teens' day into an unforgettable adventure! 

Book now for a blend of learning, fun, and outdoor excitement.

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