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stone age

Stone Age  day

Bringing the Stone Age back to the future!



We will take you on a journey through the Stone Age spanning over 3 million years. We combine history with creativity and a little humour to encourage children to learn about the Stone Age.

Our day starts with an interactive timeline and our unique ‘Show and tell’ where the children get to pass around the clothes, furs and tools of our ancestors. We even have a real mamoth tooth to pass around! 

Touch, smell, even taste the Stone Age if you're brave enough!

The children then go on to take part in your 2 practical, hands-on workshops.

“Dan and Naomi are like a walking talking museum but they have removed the glass so the children get an opportunity to get up close and personal with the Primitive artefects and crafts”. 

Sessions can be delivered on school grounds for an additional travel charge.

  • Full day –  Choose 2 activities



Choose 2 activities for a full day.

  •  Stone tools – Using slate and sandstone learn the process of making simple blades, arrow heads and scrapping tools.
  • Mesolithic shelters – using natural materials create a natural shelter much like that of our Mesolithic hunter gatherer ancestors. (Not available in school)
  • Bare hands cooking – Using simple methods to cook bread without pots and pans. (Not available in school)
  • Fat lamps – Using clay learn about the materials our ancestors would have used to create simple illuminations.
  • Natural paints and cave art – Try your hand at making markings with natural paints and dyes to create cave art on a piece of fabric to take back to school.
  • Primitive pots – Use clay to create a traditional pot our ancestors would have used to cook on the fire with.

Sessions can be delivered on school grounds for an additional charge, or join us in our beautiful woodlands in Shropshire. Our woodlands are in a rural setting within easy access to the M54 and the Midlands.


  • Full Day
  • £400  single class size
  • £600 2 classes

There may be an additional fee for us to travel out to your school. Please email us with your postcode and group size for a quote.



“One of the best educational trips we have ever been on. The opportunities and activities for the children were brilliant and we all loved every minute. The course is an absolute credit to yourselves, thankyou Naomi and Dan.”

Assistant head, Tunstall School