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stone age

Stone Age workshop

Kit List


All children whether on school property or at our Outback2basics venue will need the following;

  • Consent to participate
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Water proof clothing
  • Outdoor appropriate shoes
  • A drink
  • Packed lunch (or provided by school)
  • Any personal medication
  • Spare clothes/apron that they can put over school clothes to protect them from any paint etc
  • Note book (optional)
  • Completed kit from (additional list) for residential trips
  • PLEASE NOTE! All children are advised to bring wellies as the woodlands can get very muddy. We also highly recommend all children to bring spare shoes for the coach journey home.


  • Can you please bring a box or container to take home any projects that the children make
  • Children may have access to paints and clays and other potentially fabric staining materials, please make parents aware of this so the children can be prepared.
  • Children will also have access to animal skins and other animal products. Anyone who is vegetarian and/or has religious ethics concerning animals must please be made aware that these items will be present but they will not be required to touch or examine these items.