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Fun at festivals 


Allow us to help you step back in time as we bring the Stone Age to life in a captivating blend of expertise and entertainment. 

With years of industry experience, our team immerses audiences in the fascinating world of ancient survival techniques, weaving tales of our own wilderness adventures to shape an unforgettable learning experience.

At the core of our mission is the goal to connect young minds to the natural environment. During term time, we traverse the country, bringing the Stone Age directly into classrooms or inviting school groups to our woodlands in Staffordshire for an immersive experience.

BUT during the summer months, we traverse festivals, armed with a 9mx9m marquee that unfolds into a Stone Age haven. Adorned with cave art, furs, skulls, tools, baskets, and clay pots, our display is a visual feast of artefacts that transport attendees to a bygone era. Our immersive space invites families to delve into the Stone Age through free activities like fat lamp making, stone tool shaping, primitive projectiles and archery zones AND even a stone age selfie booth for a touch of prehistoric fashion fun and frolics.

For those in search of deeper skills we offer master classes in primitive fire lighting, stone-tipped arrow making, caveman necklaces, and more. All taught with light hearted entertainment combined with expert knowledge and stories. 

Excitingly, this year heralds the introduction of 'CAVE KIDS,' a dynamic kids club where youngsters aged 7-11 can unleash their wild side, acquiring new skills and forging friendships while parents revel in kid-free party time.

Witness our interactive timeline of the Stone Age, where we dress up the public, showcase intriguing artefacts, and even encourage the consumption of bugs! 

Invite us to your festival, and we promise to provide a family-friendly space brimming with activities to captivate every age group. It's more than education; it's an adventure into the primal past.

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