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S.E.N and S.E.N.D 1:1 Forest Skills sessions  

Embark on a transformative journey with Outback2basics 1:1 Forest Skill Sessions, meticulously tailored for young people and adults with special educational needs. As seasoned bushcraft instructors, we passionately craft bespoke courses that transcend age and ability, guiding individuals to unlock their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

Outback2basics specialises in delivering immersive bushcraft, survival skills, and Stone Age education to foster a deep connection with nature. Our mission is to instil confidence, self-esteem, and hands-on practical skills, providing a therapeutic and empowering experience in the heart of our woodlands on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border.

For those who may not find their stride in mainstream settings, we offer personalised 1:1 sessions, working towards rehabilitation through practical experiences in a calming environment. Collaborating with key workers, we curate outdoor environments and hands-on activities designed to suit each individual's unique needs.

Our workshops navigate tasks and challenges, focusing on developing communication, decision-making, confidence, and goal-setting. Each session aims to leave the learner with a profound sense of satisfaction, increased self-esteem, and the self-assurance to relearn life skills for enhanced independence and active community participation.

Engage in a diverse range of activities, including fire lighting, shelter building, whittling wood, cooking on an open fire, clay work, woodland foraging, and more. Tailoring experiences for those with physical disabilities or limited movement, we offer activities such as clay pottery and carving.

Accessibility is a priority, with direct car access to our site and a woodland toilet area accessible without steps for clients with a limited range of movement. The sessions maintain a consistent format, providing a sense of security to the learner.

Please contact us directly for a quote or more information on how this may suit your learner’s needs. 


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