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The company is run by husband and wife Naomi and Dan. Both hold various qualifications in outdoor skills from 1st Aid wilderness to Forest school and have been teaching in the outdoors for the past 15 years. But their biggest adventure happened In 2010 which turned out to shape the way they live and teach now.

“After many years teaching Bushcraft we both felt we wanted a more authentic platform from which to teach these outdoor skills from. We were tired of teaching using information from others in books. So, we packed our bags, quit our jobs, bid goodbye to our lives in the UK and went on a truly wild journey to the mountains and Forests of Eastern Washington USA to take part in a 5 month course living in the depths of a beautiful cedar woodland.

No phones, no electricity, no maps or sat nav, no chocolate or sugar, and no tent.

We spent 4 months learning primitive skills from hunting and fishing to making our buckskin to create clothing from. We foraged, crafted, preserved, pickled and dried, practiced making fire, sculpted tools from rocks and bones and submerged our-selves fully in re-learning the skills and crafts of our ancient ancestors. And then the true test came. We left all of our modern comforts and equipment behind and stepped into the wilderness for a month long Stone Age immersion. No phones, no electricity, no maps or sat nav, no chocolate or sugar, and no tent. Only the food we had foraged, the clothes we had made that we were wearing and the stars in the sky as our roof and our guide. Was it tough? Yes! Was it amazing? Completely! Would we do it again? Absolutely!”

Back from the trip of a life time Naomi and Dan decided to make their lifestyle their living and continue to teach the skills they had learnt in America. Stone Age living came into the curriculum in 2015 and the business has been boominh ever since.  

We have some truly special stories and memories of this primitive living experience that we now use to inspire both adults and children.

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About Naomi

I run The Stone Age Company with my husband Dan. I have a passion for teaching Stone Age education and Bushcraft to young people and occasionally, grown up people with an interest in learning more. I have a daughter who is 6 and another who is 1 and they are both real outdoor enthusiasts. 

I love going for walks in the countryside and getting practically nowhere as I get distracted by the hedgerow and the potential salad inside it! I love using my own experiences to share stories as I teach and use these stories when I write bi-monthly articles for the Bushcraft and Survival skills magazine.

I like to think my writing reflects my own personal experiences, linking nature with education and imagination. I live in Beautiful Shropshire and have done sporadically for all of my life. My father is half Canadian and so half of my heart (and family) always remains there.

Our New Book

Forest School Adventure is our 'Woodland award' winning book, packed full of exciting activities and stories.  Perfect for anyone with an enthusiasm for getting outdoors.


About Dan

I run Outback2basics with my wife Naomi. I live with my beautiful family in the heart of Shropshire. I’ve always yearned to live back by the sea but over the last 8 years Shropshire with its epic views and rolling country side has won my heart and suits my on-going passion for working in the outdoors.

I worked for many years teaching various outdoor skills, surfing, climbing, kayaking anything that gave me the excuse to be outside. I have recenlty qualified as a Mountain Leader and hope to one day climb the Matterhorn. This led me to delve into bushcraft and the amazing world of primitive skills. I now dedicate my life to teaching others via the The Stone Age Company.

I love inspiring people to be outdoors and watching as they gasp as I release heat from wood using only nature as my tools.

I love being up in the hills in any elements testing my endurance and skills when I can working towards gaining my mountain leader award. I love taking sit spots with my children. I love camping and sitting with friends around a fire. I love playing games. I love inspiring people to be outdoors and watching as they gasp as I release heat from wood using only nature as my tools. I also have spent some time working as a medic and Survival consultant, working behind the scenes on various TV shows, any excuse to have an adventure.

Now, I am proudly a student again as I get a second crack at being at school, taking on a 3 year course learning new skills with wood in a carpentry and joinery course in the evenings. I am excited to be learning again.

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