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The Stone Age company

Meet Naomi and Dan, the dynamic duo behind The Stone Age Company. With 15+ years of outdoor teaching experience between them and a bag full of diverse qualifications, they're all about making outdoor education exciting and relatable. From Mountain leaders to Forest School teachers they have it all in their hand stitched “Buckskin bag’. 

In 2010, they went on an adventure that reshaped their teaching philosophy. For four months, it was all about mastering primitive skills – hunting, crafting, and living off the land. No phones, no electricity, just the essentials. Then…a month in wild, no modern equipment, no way out, just through. Living real life every day with nothing but nature’s tools, resilience and tenacity. Tough? Absolutely. Magnificent? Undoubtedly. The result? Life changing! 

Back home, they turned their lifestyle into a vocation. Since integrating Stone Age living into the curriculum in 2015, their business has boomed. Then in 2019, another amazing opportunity came their way! An invitation from Channel 4, threw them into the wilderness for a gripping documentary, "Surviving the Stone Age." Living with a tribe of like-minded friends, they faced challenges head-on, turning those stories into powerful teaching tools. Living a whole month in the wild in Bulgaria, no modern equipment, wolves, bears the lot!

“Our journey let us live like Stone Age people, connecting us with our roots. Did I miss home comforts? Not really, but if I’m honest it was a pillow that was missed the most!” – Naomi

“The lessons learned from our time in the wild continue to resonate and weave through our teachings, breathing life into the Stone Age for those eager to explore the essence of survival, resourcefulness, and the profound connection between humans and nature” - Dan

Who is Naomi behind the scenes? 

I'm Naomi, one of the forces behind The Stone Age Company, teaming up with Dan to deliver awesome and unique education. I love teaching Stone Age stuff, Bushcraft  and Forest School to curious minds of all ages.

As a mom to two outdoor-loving kids, 7 and 12, I'm all about fostering a love for nature. When I'm not teaching, you'll find me wandering the countryside, exploring hedgerows for salads, snacks or ingredients for my next balm or salve, in natures stash.

Beyond teaching, I write about my adventures and share my expertise for all things Forest school in 4 award-winning books—Forest School Adventure, Urban Forest School, The Forest School Handbook, and Live Like a Hunter Gatherer. Living in Beautiful Shropshire, I'm part of a samba band, love dancing, silent discos, singing with friends, wild swimming (even in January), and any chance to craft. Uninterrupted craft time? That's the best!

I am grateful daily for the opportunity to have published 4 books, a thriving business, and starring in a 3-part TV show. I am always on the lookout for more adventures, maybe a wild off-grid one with my girls. Stay tuned!

Who is Dan behind the scenes? 

I'm Dan, co-founder of Outback2basics. Shropshire's my home, and its breath-taking landscapes fuel my love for the outdoors. My journey in outdoor education spans years, teaching everything from surfing to climbing. Now, with The Stone Age Company, I'm all about sharing bushcraft and primitive skills.

Life for me is in the hills. As a qualified mountain leader, I love pushing my limits, especially through ultra running. Moments like camping with my kids and chilling around a fire with friends mean the world. I'm all about inspiring people to embrace the outdoors in their own way.

Beyond outdoor ed, I've dabbled in medicine and survival consulting for TV shows, driven by my love for adventure. Recently, I joined a men's group—transformative. It's taught me heaps about myself, empathy, and how to navigate the modern world as part of a tribe. Every day's a chance to learn something new about myself. I can’t wait for more adventures. 

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