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caveman in the classroom

Why not have a Caveman come into your school!

He travels all around the country to bring to you the best Stone Age talk this side of the Ice-Age (and yes, he travels by mechanical mammoth of course!)
He’ll journey out to you bringing with him all of his crafts and prehistoric tools. Wearing full authentic caveman clothes, he will deliver an engaging interactive timeline from the Palaeolithic through to the Neolithic.
He’ll bring to life the changes through the times, forming links with the new Yr3 national curriculum.
Our caveman will hand around furs and animal skins, invite you to try his favourite snack of edible bugs and jerky and take you on a journey with obsidian and flint blades. He’ll tell you stories of hunting with bone knifes, of shooting bows and arrows and show you the woven baskets and clothes that he used daily. He even has a real mammoth tooth to pass around!

You can choose eitheR:

  • Full day 10am-2.30 - £18 per head (2 activities)
  • Half day 9.30am -12.00 – £10 per head (1 activity)

What does my day consist of?

Whether you choose a full day or half a day our caveman will take you on a journey across millions of years getting the children involved in creating an interactive and entertaining timeline. He will pass around all of his artefacts and encourage the children to smell, touch and taste the Stone Age. This interactive timeline will last around 1 hour.
The children will then take part in a hands-on activity of your choice; cave art, fat lamps, stone tool making or primitive pots.
Full of new knowledge and enthusiasm for the Stone Age the children will finally bid farewell to our caveman and send him back to his cave.

We are happy to use any outdoor spaces belonging to the school but we do require a classroom for our initial interactive show and tell talk.

“One of the best educational trips we have ever been on. The opportunities and activities for the children were brilliant and we all loved every minute. The course is an absolute credit to yourselves, Thank you Naomi and Dan.”

Assistant head, Tunstall School